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Sweet Nothings 11/9/21

I went to the dispensary today. After I walked in and was told where to wait, the clerk went back and came out with another girl clerk and they just stood and stared at me for a moment. It was uncomfortably awkward. I broke the silence and asked if I was in the wrong spot.

The one girl she brought out said, “I am in love with all of this,” as she pointed up and down my body. “You have incredible style, where did you get these clothes?” She asked. I told her that my PREDATOR joggers were from Cavity Colors, my BLOODSPORT baseball tee shirt from Red Bubble, my FT13 socks were from Spirit Halloween, my Chuck Taylors are custom, and my grim & depressing baseball cap from the Rochester Red Wings team store. The pigtails though, those are my own.

They laughed and cashed me out as they brought other people to see me and ask where they could buy my different clothes.

I am not good with so much attention to how I look. But there was a part of me that is glowing, because I’ve never been the cute or stylish girl. I’m the chubby plain friend.

I get a lot of criticism daily for not being thin enough, feminine enough, or pretty enough. It hurts my heart. I’m used to it.

Today, strangers told me I’m cool and cute. It meant the whole world to me.

Weed store people are my people.

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