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Bestie Prompts: Trick or Treat

I trick or treated longer than other kids my age. I have always loved Halloween more than Christmas, and I remember my last year of trick or treating as a teen, more than I remember any other trick or treating memory.

There was another girl in my class who shared that same spirit. We went together. She was a hobo, and I was a pimp (or so people thought), but it was actually a costume inspired by Dipsy from the Teletubbies.

Even in 7th grade I loved watching Teletubbies. I love absurd happy things. Teletubbies is an absurd happy thing, and Dipsy was my favorite. The most clumsy of them all. He also had darker skin and wore the best hat. My mom made a recreation of that hat for me. I wore it constantly. So for Halloween, we made a matching coat.

I didn't try to explain to people that I was my favorite Teletubbies character even though I was in middle school. It probably seemed more appropriate to them that I was dressed like a pimp... which if you think about it, says a lot about our society.

The houses we went too all commented we were getting a little old for trick or treating. We weren't in it for candy. We loved the spirit of the tradition. The feel of fall below our feet and knowing that for one night spooky mischief and kids ruled the world. It broke our hearts to constantly be chided as candy beggars and immature morons. Houses even shut lights off as we walked up to them then turned them back on for others.

She and I gave up after getting our pennies and Bible verses from the seniors apartment building where we always sang Christmas carols. I remember the streetlights flickering as we sat on the concrete at the park silently, both grieving that Halloween as we knew was over for us.

We weren't the type of cool kids to go to parties. There was no where to go from here except handing out candy instead. But we agreed at least we could still be in costume and celebrate the joy of trick or treating by giving back.

We lived on separate ends of town. I remember the lonely walk home. I remember trying not to cry when I got home when my mother who also passionately loves Halloween, asked how it went.

I think about it now and see my 14 year old, 6 foot tall son who built his costume piece by piece, excited to trick or treat in the next couple days. I know I have to warn him that he may not be treated nicely. He wants to go anyway. He loves Halloween too much to miss. Luckily, he has the excuse of escorting his baby sister should anyone ask.

When the day comes that the worst case scenario happens, I'll just let him trick or treat at every door to my house and give him candy until I'm out. I'll walk around with him in costume too. No candy necessary. We can just enjoy a once a year extra spooky walk. When we get tricked out of the joy of our childhood Halloween, the treat is that we learn how to celebrate it deeper. And in my house, every day is Halloween.

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