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Bestie Prompt: Autumn Leaves

My grandpa lived across the street from me and his property took up most of the block.

Whenever the leaves would fall, we would rake them into maze walls or forts.

The marvelous and fantabulous thing about using leaves as walls is that when you pretend to cause destruction to your opponents fort, it looked dramatic. Leaves flying everywhere, the wall crumbles leaving vulnerabilities, just like rocks, and best of all, the crash of leaves in the air looked like an explosion.

There are important reasons to be outside in every season. So many people spend their outdoor lives trying to control it within their allotted space, but not actually enjoying the space they so meticulously curate.

Winter snow is for ice castles, snow angels, & snowmen. Spring is for dewy morning coffee on the porch sips, playing catch in the yard, smelling flowers, and being chased by clumsy horseflies. Summer grass is for running through sprinklers and setting up tents; while summer nights belong to the fireflies.

But autumn leaves are best for encouraging your wonder and imagination from the sensory delight of crunchy leaves, the way they dance ballets in the wind, and of course leave mazes and forts.

The thing I miss most about being a kid is being able to see things for what they could be instead of what they are.

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