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Japan-O-Ween: MATANGO (1963)

Last week for my October celebration of Japanese Horror, I watched for the first time MATANGO.

I found it on a list of "Must See Classic Japanese Horror" and from the brief description, it looked right up my alley.

MATANGO is a rubber suit monster movie with a body horror & Twilight Zone feel. While the beginning might be a bit of a chore for some to get through, the movie consistently holds suspense well, has surprising turns, and definitely sits with you in a way that is difficult to describe.

After watching it initially, I knew it was a movie I wanted to watch again.

MATANGO feels of its time, but I say this in the most loving way. It took some really silly elements and executed it in a way that's both entertaining and somewhat serious. If you like "who are the real monsters" kinds of movies and delight in some creature feature, MATANGO might just be for you. It's currently streaming on Tubi under the title "ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE."

Yes, mushroom people.

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