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Demon Babies-O-Ween: The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

The smalls and I have started re-watching this series. The referential jokes cater to the horror and nerd crowd. The characters are mischievous, morose, and relatable. The atmosphere is spooky in an Edward Scissorhands kind of way. Grim is every lost distressed millennial. Mandy is our cynicism, and Billy is our desperate willful apathy. All the episodes still hold up. There's even an episode having satirical fun with Pokémon that is far more relevant now than it was when it aired.

This re-watch will continue long past Halloween. But it was the Halloween season that reminded my oldest of how much he and I both loved this show when we were younger. Also, when you have a hero character that is in homage to Snake Plissken and Ash Williams, how can you go wrong?

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