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Demon Babies-O-Ween: Muppets Haunted Mansion

In addition to my own special watch list for October, the smalls and I have our own traditions. Some old, some new. One of the new, soon to be old, is MUPPETS HAUNTED MANSION.

Both kids enjoyed it, and I loved it. It isn't even close to the tier of A MUPPET MOVIE, but honestly few things are, and for a one off Halloween special, it's a gas.

Some of the songs were better than others, and I think you'll know exactly what I mean. Everything is fun, there's not too much Miss Piggy- thank god, and I love when Gonzo is in the spotlight.

There's something about Gonzo who always seems to feel lost and out of place even within the misfit Muppet gang that calls my soul. Then there is Kermit who is always there to reassure him that he's perfect just the way he is. It's a side plot in multiple movies and shows with Gonzo and Kermit, and it is one I never tire of.

If you feel like Gonzo, find your Kermit.

If you're a Kermit, take care of your Gonzo,

because "you don't have to be Gonzo the Great to be great."

Another few quick notes, Will Arnett is always a joy to see. Danny Trejo is the best surprise, though I didn't recognize him not being shirtless (I kid), and Taraji P. Henson was marvelous.

This particular special didn't make the strong emotional cut that some of the other movies have, but it is perfectly suited to be a yearly Halloween tradition viewing. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough, and it makes me beg even more for a fun Muppet "horror" movie.

Please Disney, Uncle Deadly is so ready!

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