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30 Days of Poetry: Inversion


Not here, I am. To me,

she said.

Where are you? I asked.

Lonely, it is. Scared, I am.

She replied.

Tell me where you are so I can reach you. I pleaded with the girl.

No going back, if you come. Alone, I have to be. Protect you, I will.

Her voice is shaking as she speaks.

No one should suffer alone so long. Let me love you. I beg her.

Poison, I am. Away from me, you must stay. Sorry, I am.

She starts to cry.

You are me, and I am you. I will not leave you behind.

I strike the mirror.

She shatters before me.

I take the glass.

I stab her image into my heart.

Heal together, we try.

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