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The Monster Smash

No, not in the Guillermo Del Toro way. Get your mind out of the gutter. (For now at least ;) ).

If you've been following the last 6 months, you know it was a nose dive under the unbearable weight of severe depression until the thing we don't like to think about happened. But I'm on the other side of it now, and here you are with me too. For that, for your support, kindness, and love, I am truly blessed and grateful.

I have big plans for this site. I know I always say that. But, this time around with my mental health a bit more stable, I've actually been preparing the entire last month for October here. Mostly it's going to be blogging Ray Harryhausen movies and some fun maillings, but I'm also shooting to restore all the podcasts back and even add those that were unpublished.

I hope you stick around and even subscribe. Subscribing will just notify you when a new blog post is up. In October, subscribing also puts you on the list to get a postcard from me! Did you peep the new front page image? Isn't it fantastic? I paid $3 for it. I'm frugal, and yet I bought a Shutterstock image that doesn't even have Simu Liu on it. That's how much I love Halloween and October. Anywho!

Thanks for jumping on board! I'm going to link my Neon Splatter monthly features here as well. The ultimate goal is that when you want to find me, my work, and all my crazy, it's in one spot. It's the least I can do for the world is keep all this nonsense isolated to one spot.

I hope to see you for Harry Halloween (Ray Harryhausen Halloween)! Many blessings to your and yours forever and always, friend.

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