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Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween (2021)

I unabashedly love the duo that is Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. I track down all their specials and appearances and watch them just to delight in their breath of fresh air, down to Earth chemistry. I know Martha loves Halloween. My childhood wasn't "God, country, home." It was "Cardinals, AC/DC, and Martha fucking Stewart."

I know less of Snoop Dogg, but he did shape my idea of the culture of hip hop in the 90's and early 2000's. For all his contributions though, no lie, my favorite is the movie BONES (2001).

I love all of their work together, and I love Halloween.

Let's just say it's an understatement when I say that I was pumped for this special.

As a devout Iron Chef Japan fan, it may seem odd for me to say that I hate competition cooking and baking shows. But I do. I hate the overproduced faux drama. I hate the schtick. I hate that we can't simply celebrate good food and artisan talents. What I hate most of all is that this brand of food tv singlehandedly wiped out any other type of food programming on television. (Please bring back "Two Fat Ladies." I'm begging you.)

Nevertheless, if it has Snoop and Martha together, I'm watching it.

The Halloween special was delightful. It made for glorious eye candy. The pacing worked, and other than a few super clumsy attempts at fake drama, it really leaned on the friendship and charisma of Snoop and Martha. Both of these icons can command a stage alone- yet somehow together, they elevate each other even more. A perfect balance. A dragon and tiger yin yang.

My favorite quality that comes through in all of their joint productions is that it goes beyond the gimmick of two worlds colliding. As business legends, excellent performers, and insanely talented artists, both self made, they bring so much to the conversation table. I don't see them as opposites the way other people may; these two are badass sharks and they fucking know it. They have a lot in common. I love a good no bullshit friendship. My closest friends are the ones who can tell me to sit the fuck down, girl. And my god, I love it when Martha sits Snoop the fuck down and he reverently obeys.

In the special, they both mentioned their favorite horror movies. Snoop said his was FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III.

Hell yes! Somehow I knew it would be something FT13. The man has taste.

Martha loves realistic cunning horror villains like Hannibal Lecter.

Not a surprise at all. She's on that top tier level.

Overall it was an enjoyable 54 minutes. I appreciate the good old fashioned mischief of a trick or treat joyful Halloween special. Not everything has to be absolute darkness, horror, and fear to be valid for spooky season. Us monsters like to let loose and party too.

But please, less competition, more showcasing the beautiful skill, and more fly on the wall Snoop and Martha conversations.

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